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Bayer are delighted to invite you to our Head to Toe meeting 2021.

The Head to Toe has been well established for a number of years and in 2021 we have started the new virtual format. Similar to previous years the meeting will cover a breadth of pathologies suitable for both residents and radiologists.

Friday, July 2, 09:00–13:15

Friday 02 July - Monday 05 July, 2021

These sessions will be made available to view on-demand during the rest of the event.

Head to Toe on-demand
Friday 02 July 9:00 - 13:15
(on demand webinars are available in multiple languages)


Super Phantom: The Next Frontier of Pre-Clinical Research in Radiology

M. McDermott, C. Kemper


Protocol Personalization in Cardiac Imaging for Every Body

F. Bamberg


Value of Liver-Specific MRI in the Multidisciplinary Management of Patients with Hepatocellular Cancer

N. Kartalis, Å. Fretland, T. Berg


How to Address CNS Involvement in Covid-19 Infected Patients

N. Anzalone


New Perspectives on AI Across Modalities

T. Leiner

(These sessions will be recorded and made available to view on-demand during the rest of the event)

Head to Toe on-demand recorded sessions
Friday 02 - Monday 05, July


Present and future direction in CNS imaging

N. Anzalone, H. Pietsch

Additional MRI screening in women with extremely dense breasts*

C. van Gils

Breast MR abbreviated protocols*

C. Kuhl

Outcomes of Cardiovascular MRI in Patients Recently Recovered from COVID-19*

E. Nagel

Liver MRI

Gd-EOB-DTPA-liver specific contrast agents in liver metastases

L. Grazioli, R. Faletti

How the choice of MR contrast agent influences the management of patients with liver diseases

G. Brancatelli, M. Karcaaltincaba

Gadoxetic Acid Contrast-Enhanced Liver MRI: Benefits in HCC Liver Disease Management and Patient Outcomes

Max Seidensticker, T. W. Kang


The role of IDR and injector technology in CT coronary angiography

F. Bamberg, M. Rengo,
C. Kemper, M. McDermott

Renal Safety and Iodinated Contrast Media

W. Lee, J. Endrikat, L. Bin

Further understanding CTCME hypersensitivity reactions

P. Persson, J. Wildberger,
Z. Jin

Photon-Counting Technology and the Future of Computed Tomography

T. Flohr, P. Seidensticker,
U. Pietsch, S. Ulzheimer

CTPA – How we do it to Achieve Consistent Image Quality

F. Döllinger, S. Zureikat

Interactive Protocol Optimization Webinar on CT Coronary Angiography

B. Martens, C. Mihl

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*Disclaimer. Not all indications are relevant in all markets.